Are all beasts 
Cursorial Birds and Swimming Birds
^Language ̄ of the Birds
Loser on the Arena
Red panda, you may never know.
Pekin Robin, the Loyal Lover.
Lizard or Snake?
  Watch the Snakes!
Listen! The Birds are singing! 
I am small and lovely, I am a Intermediate Slow Loris. 

Clouded leopard, where are you?

Butterfly, the Beauty.



What Do Birds Eat? 

  Different birds have different ways to look for their foods. Most wild ducks have flat mouths with comb-like teeth; they usually swim on the water surface and get their foods through filtering in water. White-eyes and sunbirds like to have flower honey and they often hang by feet to suck honey in a flower. Charadriidae birds live in swamp environment. They run to and fro and stop to look for food abruptly, such as Kentish plover and small Kentish plover. Scolopacidae birds hang around in shallow waters and mires. Phalarope will go on and on to rotate its body in the water, so that the water around it will form small whirlpools and they get their food in it. Alcedo atthis bengalensis will stay on the dry branches beside the water and will take small fish away when it sees the fish floats on the water surface. Muscicapidae and Dicruridae birds will observe the passing worms in a place. When they find their foods they will fly into the air to catch them, then come back to the place where they originally stay. Swallows and swifts will open their mouths to catch flying insects during flying. 



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