Are all beasts 
Cursorial Birds and Swimming Birds
^Language ̄ of the Birds
Loser on the Arena
Red panda, you may never know.
Pekin Robin, the Loyal Lover.
Lizard or Snake?
  Watch the Snakes!
Listen! The Birds are singing! 
I am small and lovely, I am a Intermediate Slow Loris. 

Clouded leopard, where are you?

Butterfly, the Beauty.



How Do Birds Learn to Walk? 

  Birds can walk and jump, or both. Turtledoves and doves walk by staggering feet one after another on the ground. Sparrows and babblers living in the bush can only jump with two feet at the same time. Mynahs and crows can walk and jump. Woodpeckers can jump upward along the trunk of a tree but they can't do this with head down. Nuthatch can not only walk upward along the tree trunks, they can also go downward. Tree creepers can climb spirally upward along the trunk of a tree.



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