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Reptiles of All Forms

  There are altogether 5700 reptiles of different forms and shapes. They are mainly divided into 4 types: testudinate, pecking (Rhynchocephaliformes), Squamata, and CrocodiliformesThe testudinates are the oldest reptiles on earth today. They live almost in the same era with dinosau濠遮rs. Their evolution is extremely slow and they are reptiles on land, in water and in the seas. Turtles live on land have strong limbs and strong but stunt claws. The four limbs of sea turtles turn into the shape of a row, which is suitable to arm pull. All turtles have hard shells to protect their organs inside. Pecking is primitive specie on land. Its body is covered with scales and its mouth looks like a bird bill, so it is called Rhynchocephaliformes. The only specie of this kind of reptiles is found in New Zealand. Squamata are species live on land, in water, trees or caves. They are the species that have the greatest number and the most varied in types. They are found in all over the world. Lizards are middle or small size reptiles. Among them, the giant lizard is the largest of all. A normal giant lizard is usually as long as 4 m and with a weight of 25 kg. The smallest of all lizards is the wall gecko. It's only 3-4 mm in length and no more than 10 g in weight. But they also hold an important seat in nature. Snakes, from the smallest of 0.1 mm, to the largest of 11 m long, live in caves and can climb on trees or other objects. They are extremely near-sighted, but their tongues are very sensitive organs that can help them to survey the change in chemical substance around. The kinds of snakes are varied and they are divided into poisonous ones and those without poison. Some snakes live in water, some live in tress or on lands. Also, some snakes can live in water, on land and in trees all the same. 

  All together, there are 391 species of reptiles in China. Yunnan has more 鱇鱠 than 38.7% of all reptiles in China. Because of over catching and over killing in a long period, most wild reptiles are in an endangered state and the number of them is reducing. Every one of us must establish the sense to protect wild animals from now on.



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