Are all beasts 
Cursorial Birds and Swimming Birds
^Language ̄ of the Birds
Loser on the Arena
Red panda, you may never know.
Pekin Robin, the Loyal Lover.
Lizard or Snake?
  Watch the Snakes!
Listen! The Birds are singing! 
I am small and lovely, I am a Intermediate Slow Loris. 

Clouded leopard, where are you?

Butterfly, the Beauty.



The Largest and Smallest Fish

  So far as the size of a fish is concerned, the largest seawater fish is shark fish. It can grow as long as 20 m in length. The smallest seawater fish is Pandak's goby, which is only 0.01 m in length; the largest fresh water fish are beluga and Chinese sturgeon, which are as long as 3 m and as heavy as 600 kg; the smallest fresh water fish is medaka, which is only 18-25 mm long and 2-5 g in weight. 



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