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Golden Cat
Felis temmincki

  Habitat: forests in mountains and rocky mountains.

  Feeding habits: attack secretly and kill its prey with its paws and teeth.

  Food: mice, wild rabbits, small-sized dears and birds.

  Size: with a body length of 70-110 cm and a tail of 40-60 cm long. Weight: 10-15 kg.

  Habits:  it's a kind of nocturnal animal and usually acts alone. It's good at climbing trees and it has a particularly fierce nature. Even after long time artificial raising, they will still show their teeth and howl at people when close. A golden cat change greatly in its lifetime and its normal color is orange yellow with dark ribbons. The colors it can change into include reddish brown, brown and black. But no matter how its color changes, its facial makeup is the same. The inner upper corner of its eyes has a white wrinkle with black ribbons. Based on its color change, common people call them "Toona sureni panther", "grass panther" and "sesame panther" separately in different seasons. 

  Category: mammalia, beast of prey, felidae.

  Distribution: all around Yunnan and Southern provinces of China.

  Level of protection: class II key state protection animal of China.




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