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Mouse Deer
Tragulus javanicus

  Habitat:  dense bushes and grasslands in tropical hills and mountains.

  Feeding habits: eat plants with its mouth.

  Food:  leaves, shoots, flowers and fruits of vegetations.

  Size: with a body length of 42-48 cm and a tail of 5-7 cm long; weight: 1.2-2 kg.

  Habits:  It's a kind of nocturnal animal and it usually acts alone. It likes to live in dense bushes or grasslands in mountain valleys and is the smallest deer in the world. It acts nimbly and is good at sheltering itself. It mainly feeds on wild fruits and wild flowers that fell on the ground. It also eats grass. Mouse deer will temporarily lose its capacity to run after wading water; thus people often catch it then. Its pregnant period is 5-6 months and it can produce 1-2 babies each. It has a sexual maturity period of half a year.

  Category: mammalia, artiodactyls, mouse deer.

  Distribution: Mengla county of Xishuangbanna, Yunnan.

  Level of protection:  Class I key state protection animal of China.




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