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Blue Sheep
Pseudois nayaur

  Habitat: exposed mountain areas and connecting marshy grassland on mountain slopes.

  Feeding habits: nibble at vegetation with its mouth.

  Food: grasses and leaves of bushes.

  Size: with a body length of 1.3-1.4 m and a height of 70-90 cm; its tail length is 13-14 cm, and its weight: 55-74 kg.

  Habits:  act in groups. Blue sheep is good at walking and jumping in steep cliffs. It acts frequently in early morning and at dusk. Blue sheep is always on alert and a sheep is always on guard when the group is nibbling at grass. When they find danger is near, all sheep will run away immediately. Male blue sheep often fights in order to mate with females during the mating period and only the winners can command the group and can mate with female sheep. The pregnant period of blue sheep is 5 months and it produces one baby each time.

  Category: mammalia, artiodactyla, ox.

  Distribution:  Northwest Yunnan, Southwest and Northwest China.

  Level of protection:  Class II key protection animal of China.




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