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Common ShovellerAnas clypeata

  Habitat: ponds, reservoirs, rice fields, marsh and bays.
  Feeding habits: dig food from mud with its bill or get food by filtering in water.
  Food: small mollusk, roots, stems and fruits of vegetation.
  Size: middle-sized wild duck with a full length of 50 cm and a weight of 420-620 g.
  Habits: migrant bird. It produces its young in Northeast China and Xinjiang and spends its winter in the South. It lives together with other wild ducks in winter. Its bill is quite special, the front part of which is quite broad. Common shoverller mostly gets its food by filtering in mud. It is quite different with other wild ducks in this point.
  Category: Ave, Anseriformes, Anatidae
  Distribution: all around Yunnan and all other places of China.






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