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Indian Scops OwlOtus bakkamoena

  Habitat: forests, fields, orchids and villages.
  Feeding habits: catch mice and small birds with its claws and bills.
  Food: mice, small birds, frogs, lizards and insects.
糟叔^  Size: it's a kind of small-sized owl with a full length of 22 cm and a weight of 120-140 g.
  Habits: it's a kind of resident bird and a nocturnal fierce bird of prey. They act in pairs during mating season. They produce eggs and hatch their young in tree holes and holes on the walls of farmhouses. They relax in dense branches during daytime and go out to seek for food during the night. They like to stay on single poles or big trees to watch situations around. As soon as they find preys they will dive down to catch them. Their cries are low and sounds like "wo, wo". Sometimes, they can also utter threatening sounds like "da, da".
  Category: Ave, Strigiformes, Strigidae
  Distribution: all over Yunnan, Northeast, East, Middle, South and Southwest China.
  Level of protection: Class II key state protection animal of China





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