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Black-headed Gull
Larus ridibundus

  Habitat: rivers, lakes, reservoirs and bays.
  Food: fish, shrimp, aquatic vegetation and foods thrown away by man.
  Size: its has a full body length of 38 cm. Weight: 250-300 g.
  Habits: Black-headed gulls are summer migrant birds in Northeast and Xinjiang of China and winter migrant bird in other places. They act in groups and they get their food during flying in the air or in water. During flying, they often utter sounds like "ha, ha". In winter, the body feather of black-headed gulls is mainly white; there are black stripes behind their eyes. The wings and backs of black-headed gulls are gray; their mouths and legs are red. During mating seasons, the heads of the gulls will turn into brown with white stripes around the eyes. The wings of adult gulls are brown with black spots on the tails. 
  Black-headed gulls are the gulls most frequently seen in South China in winter. In Kunming and Qingdao, black-headed gulls are often seen in waters of parks and rivers of the city proper. People often attract them with food and protect them. Ever since the autumn of 1985, more than 10000 black-headed gulls will hover over Cuihu Park and Panlong River to seek for food in Kunming. They have formed a beautiful landscape of Kunming. 
  Category: Ave, Lariformes, Laridae
  Distribution: all around Yunnan and other places of China except West China.






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