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Magpie RobinCopsychus saularis

  Habitat: orchids around villages, vegetable fields, bushes or scarce woods.
  Feeding habits: peck food with bills.
  Food: all kinds of insects, it likes to eat flies and fly eggs, locusts and white ants.
  Size: with a full body length of 20 cm; weight: 30-40 g. 
  Habits: resident bird. They like to reside in places where human beings live. Their places of residence are relatively fixed. The feather of male birds is crossed with blue, black and white. The head and back of female birds are gray. They produce from May to July each year and they build their nests in the top of the houses, holes in walls or holes of trees. They produce 3-6 eggs with green spots. Magpie robins are quite aggressive when they are hatching their young and they not only attack other magpie robins close to their nests, they also attack small animals like squirrels that go close to their nests. Magpie robins often seek food around pigsties or ox sties and they often cries on top of the house or top of the trees. Their cries are varied and loud. 
  Category: Ave, Passeriformes, Turdidae。
  Distribution: all around Yunnan. The middle and downstream areas of the Yangzi River.






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