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Pekin RobinLeiothrix lutea

  Habitat: forests in hill and mountain areas, bamboo woods and bushes.
  Feeding habits: get its food from tree twigs and bushes with its bill.
  Food: insects, ferry and a few seeds of some vegetation.
  Size: with a full body length of 14 cm; weight: 19-25 g.
  Habits: resident bird. Normally, pekin robins act in groups. They run and jump in bushes and they are extremely active. During mating period, male and female pekin robins act in pairs. Male robins often shake their wings and utter varied and melodious cries. Pekin robins have beautiful feathers and beautiful voices and they are very famous fancy birds. According to folklores, once a pair of pekin robins becomes husband and wife, they will never part with each other. If one of them dies, the other will become quite depressed and will die in low mood at last.
  Category: Ave, Passeriformes, Timaliidae
  Distribution: All around Yunnan. Middle and South China.






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