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Chinese Jungle Mynah
Acridotheres cristatellus

  Habitat: fields, grassland and villages.
  Feeding habits: peck food on the ground with its bill.
  Food: insects, earthworms, ferry and seeds of vegetation.
  Size: with a full body length of 26 cm; weight: 100-150 g.
  Habits: resident bird. During flying, we can see white stripes on the wings of the Chinese jungle mynah, which resembles the shape of a Chinese character "ba". That's why it gets its Chinese name, ^ bage ̄. They act in small groups and they build their nests in holes of wall or tree holes and they produce their eggs there. Chinese jungle mynah is good at imitating human language. They have strong reliance on mankind if they are raised under the care of human beings. They like to act together with the feeder. They can produce their eggs under the condition of artificial raising. 
  Category: Ave, Passeriformes, Sturnidae。
  Distribution: all around Yunnan. South of the middle and downstream Yangzi River.






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