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MagpiePica pica

  Habitat: plains, mountain valleys, beside woods and fields near villages.
浪筏  Feeding habits: peck food on the ground with its bill.
  Food: insects, frogs, lizards, bird eggs and seeds of crops.
  Size: with a full body length of 45 cm; weight: 185-250 g.
  Habits: normal resident bird. Magpies act in pairs or in small groups. Their singing is simple and loud, which sounds like "ka, ka, ka.." Magpies build their ball-like nests on big trees and cover the tops of their nests with mud or moss. Chinese people usually regard magpies as the messenger of happiness. As a matter of fact, the cries of magpies are only tools for their own communication and they have nothing to do with the happiness and misfortune of human beings.
  Category: Ave, Passeriformes, Corvidae
  Distribution: all around Yunnan. Most places of China.






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