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River Kingfisher
Alcedo atthis

  Habitat: streams, lakes, rivers and fishponds.
  Feeding habits: catch fish and shrimps with its bills by diving into the water.
  Food: fish, shrimps, aquatic insects, and shellfish.
  Size: with a full body length of 15 cm; weight: 21-30 g.
  Habits: normal resident bird. River kingfishers act in pairs or alone. They will stay on trees or rocks near water fields for quite a long time. When they find small fish float on water surface, they would dive into the water surface to catch them and then fly back to the tree or rock where they originally stay to eat the fish. They dig their tunnel-like caves in sand dams or mud cliffs. They produce their eggs and feed their young there. Because of their unique way in getting food, people call them "fisherman".
  Category: Ave, Coraciiformes, Alcedinidae
  Distribution: all around Yunnan and the Eastern half of China.






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