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Black-breasted Leaf Turtle
Geoemyda spengleri

  Habitat: it's a kind of terrestrial and semi-aquatic animal. Black-breasted leaf turtles reside in humid places near streams of mountain forests. People can also find their traces in small brooks.
  Feeding habits: omnivore. Mainly feed on insects, leaves and fruits of vegetations.
仇濠  Features: it's a kind of small-sized and semi-aquatic turtle. Adult turtle has a body length of 10 cm. Its body is a bit flat. The front and back edges of its shell have strong saw-teeth-like bulging. There are three longitude edges on their backs. The webs in-between their toes are not so well developed. They have short tails and are of oviparity. They produce their eggs from June to August each year.
  Category: Reptilia, Testudoformes, Emydidae
  Distribution: tropical areas in West Yunnan and Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan and Hunan.
  Protection level: Class II key state protection animal of the State level.






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