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Southeast Asia Box Turtle
Cuora amboinensis

  Habitat: often reside in marsh, rivers, ponds and rice fields.
  Feeding habits: mainly vegetations and also some small animals.
瀧栖液診濠  Features: middle-sized turtles mainly reside in water. The shells on their back are 20 cm in length with a width of 15 cm.
  Southeast Asia box turtles have smooth shells with bulging edges. The height of their shells is about half of the shell length. The head and back of the turtle are olive green; the sides of the head are yellow. There is a yellow stripe from the end of its snout to its neck. From its snout, across the socket, there are two separate yellow stripes. The later reaches its drumhead. The back of the turtle is black and its belly is light yellow. The shell on the belly of the turtle is divided into two halves, which can move. After the head and its four limbs draw back into the shell, its belly shell can completely join with its back shell. The turtles are of oviparity and they produce their eggs from April to June each year. They can produce 3-4 times each year and they produce two eggs each time. Their eggs are white and are oval-shaped. The shells of the eggs are fragile. Young turtles are completely hatched in water. The turtle is quite gentle and timid. Slight disturbances will make it draw its head back to its shells.
  Category: Reptilia, Testudoformes, Emydidae
  Distribution: tropical areas in West and South Yunnan, as well as Guangdong and Guangxi.






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