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Impressed Tortoise
Manouria impressa

  Habitat: reside in mountain areas of the tropical and sub-tropical areas or near humid trenches.
  Feeding habits: vegetation bait, mainly fruits, leaves, stems and roots of vegetations.
  絢遮遜濠Features: large-sized tortoise. Adult tortoise has a full body length of 30 cm and a body width of 27 cm. There are large symmetrical scales on the forehead of the tortoise. The front and back edges of its back shell look like saw-teeth. The shell depresses in the middle and the tortoise thus gets its name. The tortoise has two hind shields and a yellowish brown back. The tortoise has yellowish brown backs, which are decorated with dark stripes or radioactive stripes. Its back and front shell can fit tightly and there is no anadesma in-between the connecting parts. The tortoise has strong and cylindrical limbs. It has claws but has no webs in-between its claws.
  Category: Reptilia,Testudoformes, Testudinidae
  Distribution: in tropical areas of West and East Yunnan as well as in Guangxi, Hainan and Hunan. 
  Protection level: class II state protection animal and it is also listed in Appendix II of CITES.






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