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Tokay Gecko( Gekko gecko

  Habitat: reside in cracks of mountain rocks, tree caves, the perimeter of houses or indoors. 
  Feeding habits: feed on small birds, insects and small wall gecko.
  Features: it's the largest wall gecko in China. The whole body length of it can reach 30 cm. Its tail is prone to be broken but the tail has strong ability of reproduction. The scales on its back are like small grains with larger ward scales in longitude rows. The scales on its belly are larger and are hex-shaped. Its four limbs and claws are strong and flat, and the skin under the limbs are wrinkled, which is beneficial for their climbing on smooth objects. It can change its colors as the environment changes or mix with its environment to create feigned colors. Tokay geckos become sexually matured at age 3-4. They are of oviparity. They produce their eggs from June to July each year and can produce 1-2 eggs each time. Their eggs are white and round and the hatching period is from 92 to 120 days. Since geckos can be used in medicine, they are wantonly killed. Now the resource is almost exhausted and protection over them should be intensified. 
  Category: Reptilia, Squamata,Lacertiformes, Gekkonidae
  Distribution: Yunnan, Guangxi, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Fujian etc.
  Protection level: it is listed as class II state protection animal.



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