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Spotted Writhing Skink
(Lygosoma maculatum)

  Habitat: reside in deep grasses along mountain slopes, rock cliffs, fields, and beside roads and rice fields.
  Feeding habits: catch all kinds of insects and spiders.
  Features: a kind of small-sized lizard. Adult has a full body length of 6 cm and a tail length of 8 cm. Its body is very smooth and its back is brown or light brown, often with small black spots. On both sides of its head and body, there are separately black ribbons stretching to the base of its tails, decorated with light colored spots. It is of oviparity. It produces its young in July and August each year and it can produce 7-8 eggs each time. They reside in grass during the night and they like to act beside the road or fields. Normally, its four limbs will support its body and it will raise its head to look at the surrounding places. If it hears any sounds, it will escape immediately. Its action is quite nimble and it has some value of fancy.
  Category: Reptilia, Squamata, Lacertiformes, Scincidae
  Distribution: only in Yunnan and West Tibet.



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