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Yunnan Newt (Tylototriton shanjing nussbaum)

Habitat: reside in mountain areas in-between el. 100 and 2500 m. They live collectively on land in non-producing seasons. They live in water fields, ponds or humid grassland beside trenches in summer and autumn.

Feeding habits: it feeds on earthworms, centipedes, pereiopoda and snails.

Features: it has a thick body with a body length of 12-15 cm. Its main body is round with a flat tail. The tip of its tail is thin and round. There is separately a row of red nubbles on either side of its back, about 14 to 16 in each row, which look quite catching. Yunnan newt also has its name from this. They enter their production season from May to August each year; during this interval, they will enter ponds to seek for spouse, release their sperms and produce their eggs. Their eggs will stick to water grass.

Category: Amphibia, Urodela, Salamandridae

Distribution: it mainly distributes in Middle, South and West Yunnan.

Protection level: it has been listed as Class II state protection animal.




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