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Wrinkled Frog(Rana rugulosa)

Habitat: often reside in rice fields and ponds. It hides in caves during the day and comes out to seek for food in the night.

Feeding habits: catch other frogs and the tadpoles of other frogs, spiders, polypody and young fish.

Features: a kind of large-sized frog. The sizes of female and male frogs have some differences. On its back and body, there is perpendicular skin arris of different length. But the distribution of the arris is quite even. On its back, there are also irregular deep color strips. The transversal stripes on its four limbs are quite apparent, which looks like tiger wrinkles. Its name also comes from here.

Category: Amphibia, Anura, Ranidae

Distribution: tropical areas in South, Southeast and West Yunnan. There are also distributions in Southwest and South China.

Protection level: the resource is greatly reduced because of wanton hunting. It has been listed as Class II state protection animal and in Appendix II of CITES.




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