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Translucent Golden-line BarbelSinocyclocheilus hyalinus

Habitat: resides in underground Karst caves or environment without light at all for all its life.

Feeding habits: catch planktons or aquatic insects in water etc.

Features: it has no eyes. Its body exposes to outside and it has no scales. Its body is transparent and people can see its inner organs from outside. Its cirrus is short and fine. On its head and back, there is a strange apophysis, which is a special sensor for translucent golden-line barbell to sense its cave environment; the apophysis is also a special organ for it to avoid barriers, to seek for food, to seek for spouse and to produce offspring.

Category: Pisces, Cypriniformes, Cyprinidae, Cybiinae

Distribution: it's only found in the underground river in Luxi county of Yunnan.




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