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Fuxian-lake Golden-line BarbelSinocyclocheilus grahami tingi

Habitat: reside in waters where the water is clear and has no pollution. It likes to swim in open water surface and migrates in waters where the cave or underground spring connects with lakes.

Feeding habits: it mainly feeds on planktons, aquatic insects, small fish and shrimp etc. it also feeds on cladocera, copepoda, rotifers, algae, and larvae of mosquito.

Features: its body is flat. The front of its back fin is higher and fatter. Its whole body is covered with fine scales. The side scales are larger than the scales on its body. When swim in water, its scales will glimmer under the sunshine and it gets its name here. It lays its eggs in marbles or rocks in the exit of Karst caves from January to March each year. The temperature of the water it lives in is between 10 to 16 degrees. The cytula will fall into the cracks of the rocks and they will be hatched there. Its body length is 100-230 mm with a weight of 50-250 g. Fuxian-lake golden-line barbell will select special habitat. Their number is greatly reduced and the resource is becoming scarce. In recent years, more wanton hunting is incurred to them.

Category: Pisces, Cypriniformes, Cyprinidae, Cybiinae

Distribution: endemic specie in Fuxian Lake of Yunnan.





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