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Yunnan Retrohorned BarbelSpinibarbas yunnanensis

Habitat: lives in the middle and upper level of lakes. They like to live collectively and they often seek for food in the bays of lakes.

Feeding habits: the young fish mainly feed on thread-like algae; while adult fish feeds on aquatic vegetation, shellfish and snails.

Features: its body is flat and the whole body of the fish is gray. Behind the hard thorn on its back, there are saw like edges. Under the skin, there is a backward thorn and the fish gets its name here. It lays its eggs from June to July and its eggs are laid in marbles in the bottom of water. The eggs will fall down and stick to marbles. Cytula will be hatched there. The flesh of the fish is fresh and delicious. The largest fish can reach 20 kg and is the most important economic fish in its place of origin.

Category: Pisces, Cypriniformes, Cyprinidae, Cybiinae

Distribution: Fuxian Lake, Xingyun Lake, Yangzong Sea and Yilong Lake of Yunnan.

Protection: because the pollution of lake waters and the change of environment, the fish is almost distinct in Xingyun Lake, Yangzong Sea and Yilong Lake of Yunnan. Only a certain amount is left in Fuxian Lake. Protection is needed for them, so that some breed fish can be saved.







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