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MinnoueAnabarilius grahami

Habitat: a kind of endemic fish in Fuxian Lake of Yunnan. It can swim in torrential waves and its trace can be found in waters as deep as 60 m under the water surface.

Feeding habits: mainly feeds on planktons, also small fish and fish eggs.

Features: its body is thin and long. It has big eyes and pointed mouth. Its body is of silver white. It will become sexually matured at age 1 and its production period is from June to August each year. The parent fish will lay their eggs in lakes or beside trenches, caves or spring. The eggs will stick to marbles and other objects. By making use of this habit, fishermen invented ways to catch this kind of fish with cages. This method is a beautiful landscape in some scenery spots.

Category: Pisces, Cypriniformes, Cyprinidae, Cultrinae

Distribution: they are found only in Fuxian Lake of Yunnan.

Protection level: since the fish has a fresh and delicious flavor, and is one of the 4 most famous fish in Yunnan. The fish is hunted wantonly and the resource has reduced greatly. Local government is taking measures to protect it.







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