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Chinese Gifu ButterflyLuehdorfia Chinensis

   The base color of Luehdorfia chinensis's wings is yellow. There is a black band along the outer edge of its fore wings and a lot of black stripes on the surfaces of the wings, which looks like the skin of a tiger; thus, the butterfly gets its name. The outer edge of its hind wings is wave-like. It has a short tail, the outer edge of which is dotted with falcate yellow spots. In the middle of the black ribbon, there are blue spots. The innermost falcate is dotted with red spots. Nominate sub-species of Luehdorfia chinensis mainly distributes in the middle and downstream of the Yangzi River, and L. ch. lee Chou and L. taibai Chou are also found in Qingling Mountain of Shanxi and Taibai Mountain. They are all rare species. Luehdorfia chinensis is on the badge of the Butterfly Branch of China Entomological Society, and is a Class II state protection animal.





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