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Paris Peacock Achillides Paris

  Achillides paris has black body and wings, which glimmers golden green lustre. There is a row of golden green spots in the outer edge of its fore wings and a big color spot in the middle of its hind wings, which appear to be golden green or golden blue based on different light angels. A golden green stripe on the spot penetrates to a ring spot on the further end of its wings. There is a whitish wide ribbon in the outer edge of the fore wings and a pinkish ring spot in the outer edge of its hind wings. There is an outstanding tail in its hind wings. Because it has a golden green spot on its hind wings, the butterfly acquires its name.

    Achillides paris is often seen in low latitude forests. It has the habit to gather in wet sands and to fly back to its original place after flying away in surprise. It can fly very quickly. It distributes in a widespread range in China including Middle, South and Southwest China. Its wingspan is 100-130 mm.





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