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Junglequeen Stichophthalma Louisa

  Stichophthalma louisa has a large body and a brown color. The upper side of its fore wings have large piece of light color area, almost white. Around its fore wing margins, there is a ring of arrow-like black spots. They also look like spears or small fish; the butterfly gets its name here. There is a reddish ring spot in the middle of the wings; in the middle of which, the color is light yellow. The perimeter of the spot is brown, which forms a man-shaped shadow. The spots on female butterfly are larger than that of male butterfly, and the color is also deeper. It often flies in shadows of trees, bamboo woods. People can see them most frequently in bamboo woods in the early morning or at dusk. Tens of them may sometimes gather over a pile of human or animal wastes or decayed fruits. They can even eat up all bamboo leaves in a valley. Its larvae hang themselves in the back of bamboo leaves. There are more than 20 species belonging to 7 genera infamily Amathusiidae in China. This kind of butterfly distributes in Yunnan.

    Its wingspan is 100-110 mm.





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