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Brushfooted Butterflies Cethosia Cyane

  The fore wings of the male butterfly are mainly black with a white inclining stripe in the middle of the black. The edges of the fore wings and the hind wings are black and wavelike. There is a "V"-shaped line stripe from the tip of the forewing to the tip of the hind wing. The rest of the wings are bright orange, on which there are blue spots and lining veins, which make its wing like a beautiful skirt. Another kind of the genus, C. biblis has orange wings and they have no black color in their fore wings. The V-shaped spot is white, which is surrounded by blue lining rings.

    Cethosia cyane is frequently seen in tropical and sub-tropical areas. Their numbers increase in rain season. Hundreds of them fly together, which is a mighty scene. It mainly distributes in Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan and Sichuan.

    Its wingspan is 70-80 mm.





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