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Harvesters Spindasis Lohita

  The upper side of its wings is blue and has the lustre of metals. There are orange spots in the tornus of its hind wings and a long and a short tail separately, the end of which are white. The under sides of the wings are light yellow and are decorated with red stripes. Silver swine stripes overarching the red stripes. When they stay quiet, their wings will stand up on their backs. The black and red ring in the tornus of its hind wings look quite like a head. The 4 tailes shake slightly appears to be a real head. Actually, the part that shakes is only the tail; its real head and antennae remain motionless. If its enemy attacks on it at this time, its false head will attract the enemy's attention. Before its enemy can recognize this, Spindasis lohita would have escaped. Even its enemy really attacks on the false head; it can only harm part of its hind wings, the spindasis lohita will save its life.

    Spindasis lohita distributes in Xishuangbanna, Nujiang River valley of Yunnan, provinces in West China and in South of the Yangzi River.

    Its wingspan is 35-40 mm.





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