Are all beasts 
Cursorial and swimming birds
^Language ̄ of birds
Loser on the arena
Red panda, you may never know.
Pekin Robin, the loyal lover.
Lizard or snake?
Watch the snakes!
Listen! The birds are singing! 
I am small and lovely, I am an intermediate slow loris. 
Clouded leopardwhere are you?
Butterfly, the beauty.



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Thriving Beasts

Slow Loris
Intermediate Slow Loris
Assamese Macaque
Pig-tailed Macaque
Tibetan Macaque
Phayre's Leaf Macaque
Black Snub-nosed Macaque
Black Gibbon
Hoolock Gibbon
White-cheeked Gibbon
Chinese Pangolin
Malayan Sun Bear
Red Panda
Large Indian Civet

Golden Cat
Clouded Leopard
Asian Elephant
Mouse Deer
Indian MuntjacBarking Deer
Blue Sheep
Black Giant Squirrel

Birds, the Spirits 

Little Grebe
Common Cormorant
Black Stork
Grey Heron
European Wigeon
Common Shoveller
Mandarin Duck
Himalayan Griffon
Common Kestrel
Northern Eagle Owl
Indian Scops Owl
Golden Pheasant
Lady Amherst's Pheasant
Red Junglefowl
Green Peafowl
Black-necked Crane
Black-headed Gull

Lord Derby's Parakeet
Silver-breasted Broadbill
Magpie Robin
Melodious Laughing ThrushHwamei
Black-throated Laughing Thrush
Pekin Robin
Tree Sparrow
Spotted-necked Dove
Chinese Jungle Mynah
Black-collared Starling
Red-whiskered Bulbul
Barn Swallow
River Kingfisher

Reptiles, the Overlord

Black-breasted Leaf Turtle
Southeast Asia Box Turtle
Burmese Turtle
Impressed Tortoise
Oriental Water Dragon

Tokay Gecko
Spotted Writhing Skink
Water Monitor
Indian Python
Sunbeam Snake

Amphibians,the Pioneers

Yunnan Caecilian 
Yunnan Newt 
Chinese Giant Salamander
Yunnan Mustache Toad
Wrinkled Frog

Multi-colored Fish

Chinese Sucker
Chinese Sturgeon
Largemouth Bronze Gudgeon
Gejiu Blind Loach
Blind Golden--line Barbs
Horned Golden-line Barbel

Translucent Golden-line Barbel
Fuxian-lake Golden-line Barbel
Yunnan Retrohorned Barbel

Charming Butterflies

Golden Kaiser-e-Hind 
Chinese Gifu Butterfly
Three-tailed Bhutan Glory 
Two-tailed Bhutan Glory 
Orange Oakleaf 
Common Clipper 
Golden Birdwing 

Paris Peacock 
Milkweed Butterfly
Brushfooted Butterfly  



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