Whisker of Cats

- Spicate Clerodendranthus Herb 
(Clerodendranthus spicatus (Thunb.) C.Y.Wu)

Spicate Clerodendranthus Herb

Spicate Clerodendranthus Herb is a kind of labiate plants. Since its stamen resembles the whiskers of a cat, it gets its Chinese name of “Cat Whisker”. It is a whorlflower; on its main stalk and its branches, a multi-layer general anthotaxy is formed, which looks very beautiful. 

Spicate Clerodendranthus Herb mainly grows in Guangdong, Hainan, South Yunnan, South Guangxi, Taiwan and Fujian in China. The Dai folks of Xishuangbanna call Spicate Clerodendranthus Herb “Yalumiao”, and plant it in gardens before or behind their houses for medical use or for ornamental purposes. If any of their family members suffers from urinary diseases or respiratory diseases, they will pick up some Spicate Clerodendranthus Herb and let the patient take it after pouring boiled water in. Spicate Clerodendranthus Herb can be drunk as tea, and as a medicine to cure illnesses. According to the records of relevant materials, Spicate Clerodendranthus Herb has a cool nature and can diminish inflammation. When it is used as a medicine, it is mainly used to treat chronic nephritis, cystitis, lithangiuria, and rheumatoid arthritis etc.

In 1984, the Tropical Botanical Garden of Xishuangbanna developed a kind of “cold health-building tea” with Spicate Clerodendranthus Herb. After clinical use in the Chinese Medicine Research Institute in Simao district, the researchers proved that the tea had special curative effects for respiratory inflammation sufferers; at the same time, the healing rate for patients who suffered from short and urgent urine could reach 89-100%. The tea also has very good healing effects for patients who suffer from upper respiratory diseases, such as parched mouth, kakostomia, and bitter taste etc. Besides, it has no side effects in long-term use. Spicate clerodendranthus herb can suit a variety of ecological conditions. It begins to grow roots and sprouts within a week after it is inserted into the soil, and the survival rate can reach as much as 95-100%. One month later, the young plants can be transplanted to other places. In favorable conditions, spicate clerodendranthus herb per mou (1 mou = 1/15 hectare) can produce as much as 150-200 kilograms of dry products.