National Forest Culture --Agriculture 

Ecological Tea Garden of the Jinuo Minority

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The farming of human beings is established on the basis of herborizing and hunting, and starts from the domesticating of animals. The Dai folks and other minorities in Xishuangbanna all belong to the "100 Yue tribes" recorded in the ancient Chinese documents, and these historical documents described a lot about their invention of rice and farming. The farming of all the traditional minorities in Xishangbanna, as the nations of the forest, has close relations with the rain forests. They domesticated some animals and plants in the rain forests, such as rice and elephants, and began to plant crops in the spaces among the forests. They also slashed and burned some forests for the purpose of farming. They studied the multi-layered structures of the rain forests and developed farming in mountain areas by combining forestry and farming together, thus created the national forest cultures. This made them adapt to the natural biological environments and take them to the path to develop harmoniously. By modern times, the social economy and the natural environment in Xishuangbanna have experienced great changes. But, as to whether or not such production mode has been out of season, we must carry out careful investigations, so that we could draw a more scientific conclusion. 

Kailyard on Top of the Dai Folks' Building

Unique Kailyard of the Dai Folks