Valuable Timber 

– Teak (Tectona grandis)


Teak is a sort of tall arbor. It originates in South Africa and we can find many of them in Burma too. The trunk of the tree is upright and there are few branches. The wood is yellowish brown; it is heavy, bright, the planes of it are clear and beautiful. The wood is wearable, mothproof, and is easy for processing; it is a famous wood for constructions, carving and decorations. It is said that teak wood is sold in kilograms on the international market. 

A Chinese proverb goes: “it takes ten years to grow trees but a hundred years to rear people”. This does not suit the case of teak, because it grows very slowly and takes as long as 100 years to grow up; if the grandfather plants a tree, only his grandsons or great grandsons could enjoy the benefits of the tree”; so it become the case of “ancestors plant trees, while the descendants enjoy the cool under the tree shade”.

In the tourism spots of Xishuangbanna, people can often see elephants, lions, tigers and bulls carved out of teak wood, they are vivid in shape and artistic in carving; people often fondle them admiringly and are itching for buying.