Rich and Colorful Species

Rain Forests with Enriched Species

Rain forests are the most exuberant and overgrowing vegetations on our planet. They have the most diversified specie varieties and the most complicated tier structures. They have the most varied ecotones and the most peculiar life phenomena; therefore, they are the most precious ecological systems on our planet. 

There are altogether 250000 plant varieties in the world, of them, 170000 varieties live in the tropical area, about 80000 varieties grow in tropical America, 40000 variety’s grow in tropical Asia, and 35000 varieties grown in tropical Africa. In the rain forests with the most varieties, in a forest of about one hectare, we could not find two trees of the same variety. Just like Wallets says in his diary: it is a waste of time for travelers to find two trees of the same variety in the rain forest.

There are 830 varieties of plants in a rain forest of 50 hectares in Malaysia, and there are 711 varieties of trees with a thickness of 10 cm in a 6.6 hectare piece of rain forest in Shalawang. What is more peculiar is that, in the rain forest of Costa Rica of South America, in a piece of sample land of 100m2, there are as many as 233 varieties of plants. In comparison, the whole Britain only has 1380 varieties of plants, the northeast of America has only 171 varieties of trees, the whole north Europe and the west part of the former Soviet Union have only 50 original varieties of trees. 

The species in the rain forests are extremely abundant, sometimes, hundreds of plants of the same varieties in one specie live together; this is difficult to explain in Evolutionism of Charles Darwin and it remains a riddle until today.