The Occult Supporting Roots

One-tree Forests

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When passing through the rain forests, people are often attracted by the pillar-like roots hanging down from the air, or they may be tumbled by the roots inserting into the earth from above. These roots grow out of the branches, hanging down in the air or inserting into the earth; some may even grow out of the base of trees. We call this kind of roots pillar roots. In humid forest areas, particularly rain forests in marshes, this kind of roots develop very well and it is also a miraculous view in the rain forest. 

Mangrove on the Sea Side

The biotope in the rain forest is quite humid, some trees grow unstable roots or aerial roots from their branches or stalks, and the roots absorb water and airs. As the trees grow, these roots also grow larger and fall down; when they touch the soil, they would grow larger and become pillar roots; the roots have two tasks, one is to absorb water and nutrition, the other is to support the parts of the trees above the ground. The so-called “one-tree forest” is a scene in such environment.