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Magnificent Riverbed Waterfall Groups

A Fantastic Sight of Waterfalls Groups

A rainbow over Rongzha Waterfall

  Because the distribution of the waterfalls is relatively collective, the scientists established the concept of waterfall groups.

  In the depopulated zone in the core section of the canyon, from Xixing La downwards to Parlung Zangbo entrance, the length of the river section is only more than 20 kilometers (which is only 1 25th of the total length of the canyon), there appear numerous waterfalls and small drops. 

A flying cascade beside Palong Zangbo

Water heads on the Palong Zangbo River

In such a short distance, the river in the canyon has many abrupt bends. Some bends are in right angel and some other bends are S-shaped. Within this section, there are four corresponding waterfall groups for each of the four major waterfalls. We can say that it is a unique scene on the major rivers of China and the world to have so many waterfalls when the river has a rate flow of 2000 cubic meters per second and rolls on in waves in the base rock river groove which is only 35 meters in width with an average slope-deflection amounts to 23°.



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Magnificent Riverbed Waterfall Groups
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