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Fantastic Vertical Natural Zones

Fantastic Vertical Natural Zones

- A Miniature of Global Natural Environment Change

  The action of the moisture passage of the Yarlung Zangbo River causes the full and complete vertical distribution of natural zones in the great canyon district.

Sea of clouds, green mountains and snow-covered peaks 

Green trees and white flowers cling to each other

  The Yarlung Zangbo Canyon is an ideal miniature to study the global climate change as well as a place where there is the most complete vertical natural zone distribution. According to our statistics in many expedition, more than 60-70% species of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau are found to live in the great canyon region; besides, this region is also rich in new species, new recorded species, special species, ancient and remains rare species of living creatures. It's really a land of treasure and a reserved base for the everlasting development of China in the 21st century and a common treasure house of all human beings.

  It takes a man 3 days to hike from Doxong La mountain pass to the boundary of Medog County. During the three days when one goes down from higher places to lower places, the scenes ranging from high mountain ice-snow zone to the tropical Monsoon rainforest in low river valleys will appear before him one by one. He seems to have a travel from the polar region to the equator or from the Northeast of China to Hainan Island at the wintertime. During this travel, the largest gain a person can get is to experience the most complete vertical natural zones in different climatic environment of different elevations. In the high mountain and sub-high mountain areas and in the breakstones near the snow line, one can see hairy saussurea involucrate flowers stand upright against the winds; the moss and lichen on the rocks; one can also see the bushes, the grasses and short plants there all creep on the ground surface; there, the ultraviolet rays and cold winds are strong; the grassland is colorful and they jointly constitute a garden with unique beauty and elegance in high mountains; one will find that all kinds of living creatures are growing stubbornly under such adverse circumstances. 




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