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Fantastic Vertical Natural Zones

Azalea in Harsh Coldness

The spring scene in the Great Canyon in winter

  The high mountain bushes in the Great Canyon mainly consist of evergreen azalea. Within this relatively small region, there are more than 154 types of azalea, which take up 26% of the world azalea species (about 600 types). The evergreen leaves of the azalea and its motley flowers bring to people the bright color and a clear smell of nature on the Himalayas. There is no garden in the world that could vie with the scenes of the azalea growing in the Himalayas in their full bloom. When the drizzling rains of spring awake the azalea flowers spreading all over the hills and valleys of the great canyon, they turn into a scene as if someone has stumbled a painter's paint bottle. The rich red, the light yellow, the powder white, and the indigo purple´all splash on the deep green mountain slopes at one time. Setting against the blue sky, the white cloud and the snow-covered mountains, large pieces of color specks and pieces, with their unparallel momentum and visual effect, will shake the hearts of those whoever sight them strongly. It is hard to imagine that under the snow-covered mountains and above the rapid currents of the great canyon there is still a sea of azalea flowers. It's hard to imagine how magnificent and how beautiful the scenes are! They jointly constitute the unique environment and resource in the number one great canyon of the world.

Azalea flowers in winter

Azalea on the covering the top mountain (by Yang Yichou)

  Besides experiencing the amazing beauty of the high mountain azalea, one can also enjoy the beautiful scenes of the high mountain grasslands. The high and sub-high mountain grasslands are the summer pasturelands that are the most suitable to herd the yaks. In autumn, the beautiful grasslands still possess some charms of the spring. The rough gentian flowers are right in their full bloom. Looking from a certain distance, people would feel that the flowers are carved with blue jades; of course, fairy primroses have died away at this time of the year, but we can see they are making preparations for their full bloom of the next spring; and the nodding chrysanthemum still bend their heads shyly as if they are meditating and recalling the bright sunlight that has just gone away.




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Fantastic Vertical Natural Zones


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Fantastic Vertical Natural Zones

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