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  There were three wells in Malan village in Longyao County, Hebei. One located in the south, one in the east, and another located in the northeast of the village. In March of 1966, the well in the South of the village started to gush out sands; the well in the East started to air bubbles; while the water in the well to the North changed into a bitter flavor´, after so many strange happenings, an earthquake took place in Xingtai soon.

  In the year 1966, an earthquake of 5.6 magnitudes occurred in Tachican, Russia. There was a well 2000 meters in depth in this area. From 1961 to the pre-earthquake period, the content of radon in the water of this well increased by 3 times. After the earthquake, the content of radon in water became normal again. Since then, the method to measure radon contained in water has been used to forecast earthquakes in many countries.

  Before the taking place of earthquakes, in the process of tectonic movements, the rocks in the water level will be squeezed or extended, which in turn, will result in the redistribution of underground water. The water level and the contents in water will experience some changes as a result. The changes make the water change its taste, its color, or make it become muddy and greasy. Because the underground water and the rivers on the ground surface have the relationship to supplement each other with water. The changes in underground water can also change flux of the river. The unusual change in underground water before earthquakes is a very important signal as well as an important measure to predict earthquakes.





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