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Atmosphere Anomaly

  Before an earthquake, esp. a strong earthquake takes place, many abnormal physical phenomena would happen to the atmosphere of the earth, such as strange winds, rainstorms, heavy snows, draughts, floods, dramatic temperature rises or falls. Correspondingly, the change of temperature, pressure and climate will make people feel uncomfortable.

  On January 9, 1503, during the earthquake in Songjiang, the historic record says that there was a wind like fire before the earthquake took place.

  On February 4, 1975, before the 7.3 scale earthquake took place in Haicheng, Liaoning, it was extremely warm even when that place was still in harsh winter. People could even hear thunders sometimes. On the back slope of some hills, people could not see frozen soil. Instead, they saw even green grass, butterflies and insects. On January 31, high temperature and low pressure were experienced in this area. From February 2, the temperature continued to increase and the pressure to decrease. The temperature reached its peak on February 4, which was 8<C higher than those usual years. Moreover, from 3 to 10 a.m. in the morning of February 3, the temperature suddenly increased in the earthquake areas and formed a dramatic temperature-increase area with Haicheng as the center. Within two hours, the temperature increased by 12<C and the temperature increase in the city of Dalian was 2<C, which was still far away from Haicheng.

  It has repeatedly reported that the unconventional phenomena occurred before strong earthquakes. To be true, the macroclimate physical phenomena are not isolated. Owing to the earthquake symptoms inclined to be mixed with the natural phenomena, further research are needed.





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