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The Warning Earth light

  It is not incidental if an earthquake is accompanied by radiation. Recently there happened twenty to thirty earthquakes accompanied by earthquake radiation in various shapes. It appear either like a flake, a ball or electric sparkles. The color also varies widely, ranging from red, yellow, blue to white and purple. The radiation is generally a flash in seconds, which is very difficult to observe.

  Some people think that it is geoelectric and geomagnetic variation anormaly that give rise to earth light by making the lithometeor in the air give off electricity and light. Some people think it is the air flow of radioactive substances that shoot out of the ground slips, causing the atmosphere ionization at the low altitude. Though the real reasons are not clear yet the radiation can be regarded as an auspice to earthquakes because it sometimes occurs before earthquakes. During the period from 20 o'clock to 22 o'clock on May 29, 1976, when two intense earthquakes of 7.5 and 7.6 magnitudes occurred in Longling and Luxi, Yunnan, the people on duty for earthquake observation saw an orange light spectrum in the sky over the earthquake area, and pull the siren decidedly. As a result, people were dispersed and the severe casualty was avoided.

  At 3:42 on July 28, 1976, an earthquake of 7.8 magnitudes happened in Tangshan and Fengnan, Hebei. The train No.129 from Beijing to Dalian, fully loaded with 1,400 passengers, was passing through Guzhi Station very close to the epicenter- Tangshan city at 3:41. When the driver saw three dazzling lights flashing like thunderbolts, he decidedly stopped the train by pulling the special brake. The earthquake took place immediately after the train slowed down to a stop. The result was to prevent the train from derailing and turnover and thus saved the train and the passengers.

  Earthquake radiation is a warning from the Nature. Though it is very short, yet it is a very important auspice. People should make use of the short period of time to take measures so as to reduce the damages to life and property.





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