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Gossips about Earthquakes

  In February of 1972, two overseas Mexicans in America sent a cable to the Mexican government and told them that there would be an earthquake in a city of Mexico, which would initiate a flood that would drown the whole city. This forecast immediately caused a serious riot in the local society. Afterwards, the Mayor of that city, told that the economic loss caused by such a forecast was more serious than that was caused by the 7.5 magnitudes earthquake in Mexico in 1968.

  The causes of gossips:
  1 People take some natural phenomena as the forebodes of earthquakes, such as the sand boils and waterspouts after a thaw in Spring.
  2 People misunderstand the normal activities of the seismologists, such as their investigation into earthquakes, their propaganda to protect and avoid earthquakes. 
  3 Propaganda from overseas or gossips of people with ulterior motives.
  4 People are fooled by feudal superstition because of ignorance in earthquakes. 

  Deal with Gossips with Correct Attitudes

  Learn common sense of earthquakes and have a correct attitude towards our actual earthquake forecast capability. For the time being, the seismologists could only tell a general range of the earthquakes and they could not foretell earthquakes in detail.

  If people hear^forecast ̄, which is quite accurate in time and place, it must be a gossip.





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