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  Ruins after the Earthquake in South of Kangding (1786)

  DateJune 1, 1786, at noon of Lunar May 6 in the fifty 1st year under Emperor of Qianlong in Qing Dynasty
  Epicenerthe southern part of Kangding, Sichuan Province
  Scale7 3/4 magnitude

Pagoda in Longxing Temple in Peng County in Sichuan
  In the year of 1786, the fifty 1st year under Emperor of Qianlong in Qing Dynasty
  The pagoda was cracked in the earthquake and collapsed at the northeast corner. 

  Kangding: the city walls collapsed completely. Of mansions, storehouses and barracks in the city, 169 houses were ruined. Damaged, tilted and shed houses were 384. There were only one tenth of the houses survived. 3 soldiers were killed. 40 earthen storehouses and prisons were rebuilt. 727 stores and shops in this area collapsed, killing 35 people. There were 51 unexecuted poor families, whose 54 rooms cracked, killing five people. In Ming Zheng Si(an area governed by an Qing official) in Kangding, 177 Tibetan turrets were cracked, killing 193 people. 21 lamas died from the collapsed lamaseries. 

  The cracking of the turrets caused big fires. There were irregular cracks in sizes in the ground. From Arrow Oven( name of a place) to Taining Ying, there happened avalanches, blocking the roads and breaking the bridges. Letters couldn't be sent through the road between Kangding and Tibetan, there happened landslides, resulting in ruins and damages of almost all the roads and water conservancy facilities.

The Tower in Chengtian 
Temple was reconstructed

Stone inscriptions on Cliff Red Rock
(Left) "An earthquake happened on Lunar May 6 in the n the fifty 1st year under Emperor of Qianlong in Qing Dynasty (1786)

Right"An earthquake happened on Lunar May 6."(Right)






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