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Earthquake Ruins in Qianjiang District(1856)

  DateJune 10, 1856(the sixth year under Emperor Xianfeng in Qing Dynasty)
  Epicenter in-between Xianfeng in Hubei Province and Qianjiang in Sichuan Province 
  Scale今6 1/4

Dammed lakes formed by the earthquake

  The situation of the earthqake: The mountains in Daluba and Houba exploded and the inhabitants within 5 miles were crushed into pieces. More than 300 families were killed. The mountains were broken as if they were cut with axes. Damaged stones blocked the river and the running water turned its direction. More than 10 km were drowned.

the collapsed mountain

Dammed lakes formed by the earthquake, the overflow of the dammed lake

  The earthquake damaged 12 hectares of fields and the fields of the school, the temple were also damaged.

the dammed lake formed by the earthquakeDat






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