Earthquake Ruins in Qianjiang District(1856) 
Earthquake Ruins in Atushi (1902) 
Earthquake Ruins of Nanao (1918)
Earthquake Ruins in Dali (1925)
Earthquake Ruins in Gongyun (1931)
Earthquake Ruins in Diexi (1933)
Ruins of Dangxiong Earthquakes in Tibet
 (from 1951 to 1952)
Ruins of Xingtai Earthquake (1966) 
Ruins of Haicheng Earthquake (1975)
Ruins of Tangshan Earthquake (1976)



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 Earthquake Ruins in Atushi (1902) 

The vertical cracks in Tuguermaiti

  DateAugust 22, 1902(the 28th year under Emperor Guangxu in Qing Dynasty)
  EpicenterNorth of Atushi, Shinjiang
  Scale今8 1/4

The relics of the exposed mountain in Kalakuwong

  The earthquake radiated to many places. From Urumchi in the East to Leninabad in Russia in the Eastm, it reached Hetian in the South and Yili in the North. More than 30000 houses were collapsed and more than 10000 people were killed. The banks of the river collapsed and the cracks lasted as long as 50 kilometers. New springs occurred from the new cracks.






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