Earthquake Ruins in Qianjiang District(1856) 
Earthquake Ruins in Atushi (1902) 
Earthquake Ruins of Nanao (1918)
Earthquake Ruins in Dali (1925)
Earthquake Ruins in Gongyun (1931)
Earthquake Ruins in Diexi (1933)
Ruins of Dangxiong Earthquakes in Tibet
 (from 1951 to 1952)
Ruins of Xingtai Earthquake (1966) 
Ruins of Haicheng Earthquake (1975)
Ruins of Tangshan Earthquake (1976)



All Kinds of Earth Light

Records on the Bamboo

20 Examples of Rescue

Seismic Belts in China

Ground Deformation

Calling of Apes

Key Points for Escape

When Pressed Down


Ruins of Xingtai Earthquake (1966)

The damaged bridge of 
Xinli Village, Ningjin

Jichangzhuang tablet pavilion damaged in Jichang, Ningjin

The collapsed houses in Dongwang, Ningjin

The sand gushing hole in Longyaozao

The memorial monument of Xingtai earthquake

Cracks in the road and dams of Fuyang






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