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20 Cases of Successful Self-rescue

 1. Rescuing Step by Step When Many People Buried

  Longtuo village, Luan County

  A farmer lived in a one-storey building of three rooms constructed in 1944. The walls of the house were made of bricks and lime-ash, and the roof, limes and coal-ash. Before the earthquake, he and his wife lived in the room to the East; his three sons and a nephew lived in the room to the West. After the earthquake, the house collapsed. Because he was on agile, he escaped by running out. When the first shock passed, he wanted to find his family immediately. He went back to the debris of his house. He was shocked by the scene: his second son's neck was blocked and had difficulties in taking breath; his nephew was on the bed and was covered by the debris of the roof; his wife was buried on the bed in her room; his two other sons were covered near the cupboard. They were all buried and all were in dangerous condition, and the farmer was at a loss as to how to start the rescue. After consideration, he thought that under such condition when he was short of assistants, he must first save their lives and then take them out. He removed the beam on his second son's neck so that he wouldn't be choked to death; then he solved the same problem with the second person. After he solved the fatal problems endangered all people, he started to get them out one by one. Each person he rescued could give him some help and he became more powerful. 

  The speed of the rescue became faster and faster, and at last, he helped all of them get out of troubles. In other words, relying mainly on himself, under the condition that no tools could be found, if he could not differentiate the more critical cases and had not taken proper rescue order, the rescue would last a very long time and he couldn't have saved all their lives.





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