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20 Cases of Successful Self-rescue

 3.  Expose the Head to Ease the Breath

  This is a story about a woman who lived in a one-storey building before the earthquake. The following was her own story.

  I was buried under the bed and I was unable to help myself at all. Because of the protection of the bed, I was not injured. But I was buried too deep and it was very difficult for me to take my breath. I would be choked to death soon if such situation continued. It was lucky that my husband was blocked lightly with me and he could move his hands. When he saw my difficult situation, he cleared the debris around me, thus, I got a space to inhale and exhale. I waited patiently after I taking a breath. Soon, someone found us. After they got to know the location of my head, they moved away the debris around my head and my head was exposed soon. They continued to dig and then took me out.

  My experience was that: To stay under the bed would be safe during an earthquake; decide what to do after one was buried by differentiating the situation. Don't struggle aimlessly. Manage to solve the problem of inhale and exhale. This was the first and foremost important. Otherwise, even if a person were not injured, he would likely to be choked to death.





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